Apple redecorating the iPhone this year with flat attributes and scaled-down level, affirms record

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This fall, the iPhone becomes a serious revision. This is based on the most recent recording from Bloomberg, citing people briefed on Apple programs. The modern layout reminds latest Apple iPads, based on the record, with angular attributes and flat screens - something of a return to the appearance of the Apple iPhone 4 and Apple iPhone 5 . The latest Apple iPad Pro tablet, with angular and circular attributes angles. Apple And the new layout, Apple should provide 5G of web connectivity to phones this year - Step 2 wifi on the web connectivity for smart devices - as well as LIDAR three-dimensional camera that bought apple ipad sources Pro tablet. Witha number of new types of iPhone expected this fall, it may be uncertain supply, it will be what kind, though high-end replacement for your iPhone and iPhone Pro Pro eleven eleven maximum are necessary to have all new. A minumum of one style - the option to iPhone Pro eleven maximum - is expected to get a "slightly larger" screen compared to the screen 6. 5 "has already Apple may also be reported to produce progress. on reducing the size of the level to the top of the screen that have properties to the speaker phone, high photographic camera experience and technology Identity face. Apple did not respond to a review of the application since publication. . Apple's next iPhone P>

Bloomberg today regarding four more within 12 flat and circular well as strong current Apple tablet Pro is great level of the face area can be expected to get scaled-year . past reports, apple 4 as Kuo believed a new thing corroborates Bloomberg. Exactly expensive Will feature LIDAR scanner incorporating October XR and X current memory. The production of malfunction due to Apple's goal coronavirus 4 12 is unlikely. Bloomberg few weeks later be sold on a target.